Dan & Theresa Mikosz '32 Ford 3 window coupe.

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Dan's 3W was put together back in the 80's and never finished. It was driven about 250 miles and put in storage. The damp storage conditions took its toll on the Aluminum and chrome.


We will completely dissasemble down to the last bolt. All damaged components will be replaced. Custom SS exhaust fabricated, new wiring installed, a/c system converted to 134a. Frame will be sandblasted and body stripped. All fit up and body work performed, finished paint and upholstery.


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Pete Nomellini '30-'31 Model A Coupe on Deuce rails

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Pete's 'A' Coupe will use this special chassis, using new '32 Ford frame rails which have been pinched and tucked to accept the '30-'31 Ford Model A body. We will use a GM performance crate 350 and TH350 trans with 9" ford rear, disc/drum power brakes. This coupe will be fenderless and built in a traditional style. Body will be painted "Ford Blue Oval Blue" as seen in chassis photos.


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Finally a donor car for Pete's Hi-Boy project

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We found the perfect donor car for Pete's Hi-Boy project, a '31 Ford Model A coupe from Colorado. Complete and rust free, it even runs and drives. We are using the body only. The running chassis and all other parts will be sold. These parts will be listed on the for sale page soon. Be sure to check back.






Bill Erickson's Single Engine 60's Rupp Dart Chapparal Vintage Kart

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As seen in photo original 7qt. fuel tank was damaged. We cut open back of tank tapped out and metal finished dented area and tig welded back of tank into place. After pressure testing tank will be custom chrome plated and will look better than new. Your original tank can be saved, let us know if we can assist you.

After complete dissasembly Kart frame was sandblasted. After complete inspection all critical areas on frame were rewelded, open tube ends capped and hyd. master cylinder mount installed. All welding done by tig process.

The area were the pedals pivot through the frame is always very worn, this causes excessive play in both brake and throttle pedals. We custom machine a sleeve to solve this problem. After drilling frame to size new machined sleeve is fit to frame tube and tig welded into place. After welding sleeve is hand reamed for a perfect fit with no excessive play.


This is Bill's second Chapparal Kart. This will run a Built Mac 101 with a pipe and a Margay gear box. Check back to the "Projects Page" for updates.

Mounting of Margay gear box and custom disc brake mount on Bill's Chapparal. All original factory welds are rewelded with tig. Kart is now being painted. Check back soon for updates.

Bill Erickson's Chapparal Kart is painted and chrome plating is done. Time for final assembly

Installing new brushed aluminum floor pan on freshly painted frame. Frame is Cortez Silver which is a GM color used on Corvettes in the late sixties and early seventies.